Santana Trips

Every year it gets harder to regain last season’s form. Instead of putting it off any longer, why not act today to give yourself an incentive to stay in shape. How can booking a cycling vacation help? First, an upcoming tandem rally will motivate you to ride on those less-than-perfect days. Next, the visualization of a rapid return to lycra can help steer you past cold weather comfort food. Most important, the anticipation of a sunny cycling adventure will deflect those winter blues.


Local Cycle Clubs

Elbow Valley Cycle Club (Calgary)

“The Elbow Valley Cycle Club (EVCC) is a Calgary, Alberta based club that exists to fulfill the bicycling related recreational, social and educational needs of its members and to use its influence to enhance and protect the rights of all bicyclists.” – EVCC Website

Edmonton Cycle Club

The Edmonton Cycle and Touring Club offers cycling and cross-country skiing trips, hosts the “Tour de l’Alberta”.

Alberta Randoneers

“The Alberta Randonneurs (AR) offer a series of ultramarathon cycling events to be held in the prairie, foothills, and mountain regions of Alberta, Canada.” -AR Website