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What frame materials are available for Santana Tandems?

You have a choice for most designs of CroMoly, Aluminum, Titanium and Carbon.

Tandeming – there’s nothing like it!

Where can I get more information about Santana Tandems?

Call us at (403)813-1260, email at rides@santanacanada.ca.

How can I transport my tandem? Isn’t it heavy to lift up?

We’ve liked both the trailer-hitch mount that carries the tandem vertically and the new Topper Racks.


The Topper Rack pivots up onto the roof so one person can load the bike. We like the quality of the construction and how well it works. We had looked for a rack for some time and we’re really impressed with this. It is easy to lock the bike to the rack and it just works.

We like the Topper rack so much that we’re acting as an agent for Draftmaster and Topper Racks. Give us a call at 403 813 1260 or email us at rides@santanacanada.ca and we’ll tell you about our experiences and help you with your next steps.




The Draftmaster racks attaches to the trailer-hitch. The rack has lots of customization including single bike, recumbent, trikes and tandems. With this much customization you have to be very specific about the parts you order to match your vehicle. This is where we can help you!




How can I fly with my tandem?

Most Santana Tandems can be equipped with couplers for hassle-free transport.

Non-coupled bikes can be transported in tandem-specific boxes or BikePro soft-sided cases and are airplane-friendly.