Privacy Policy

Santana Canada certifies that all individually identifiable information is kept confidential. We do not sell or disclose any personal information about our users. Information users provide us with at the time of registration is not distributed to any third party users.

All personal information collected by Santana Canada (including credit card information for some paid services) is kept in secure areas.

Personal information, such as name and email, are used primarily to recognize individual accounts. Occasionally Santana Canada will use individually identifiable information, like email addresses, in order to contact the user to provide product update and account information.

Santana Canada also provides opt-out newsletters to its members. Members can unsubscribe from these newsletters at their own will. Santana Canada also takes every effort to ensure that the information users provide is correct and up to date. Members can change their information any time by email at

As always, if you have any questions or concerns with this policy or any of Santana Canada’s services, please send your comments to us at or our office at 403-813-1260.